TOCAR, to touch

To touch—to experience a texture, to make sense of something tangible. To play with the senses, to add depth, to interpret the world around us. I think of textures close to my heart and my mind jets to my mother’s home country of Mexico. I see overlapping paint on the walls, aged stucco, etched wood. I feel the hand-stitched floral embroidery and velvety celosia cristata. These memories of the textures of Mexico inspire me while piecing together TOCA, while picking out fabrics and choosing colorways. These are the parts that build TOCA. I am excited for you to interpret TOCA and its textures—and for you to bring TOCA somewhere close to your heart. xx Sofia


We want to giveback towards what we hold close to our heart. We donate 5% of our profits to No More Deaths / No Más Muertes. They provide emergency first aid to people in distress in Southwestern Arizona and to deportees and northbound migrants in México. They uphold human fundamental rights and fight for a humane immigration policy.