Set the scene for us Natalie, where is this collection of songs taking us? 

“Well, I’ll be honest—this collection came together without a clear or concise message in the beginning. I heard a song that made my ears perk up a few weeks back and made me think of a summer spent in TOCA. That one song led to another and then the picture was painted perfectly: lovesick, teen angst nostalgia. Though these are songs I never heard in my late teens, they seem to remind me of what I did listen to back then. I’ve been thrown back into that pre-adult mindset with every listen. This summer is about love had and lost, along with feeling absolutely everything our bodies will allow us to and without any restraints—no masks, baby! It’s time to celebrate the launch of TOCA and a practically carefree summer. Cheers!"

Natalie Engel is a dear friend who I had the honor of navigating through those adolescent years she alludes to. She wears many hats - content creation, copy queen, and intertwining music wherever fit.  She has such a noteworthy sense of music taste and has always used it to add emphasis to her surroundings. I look forward to the world beginning to open back up in hopes that it entails Natalie will be musically curating one of my next days with her. Enjoy!

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